hey everyone,
my name is Sam and im a 5th semester student. I am leaving the island sometime next week and i have to sell off a few items.

Here is a list of things that i am selling and if you are interested please email me at sam.sawhney@gmail.com

CAR: 1999 Subaru Impreza 2000$ OBO

Large office desk 100$
Large Television Stand 50$
9 ft X 6 ft Floor Rug 40$
7 ft X 2 entrance rug 20$
Full Door Mirror 20$
Office Chair 30$
Large Rubermaid plastic cabinets (x3): 10$ each
Small Rubermaid plastic cabinets(x2): 5$ each
Metal BookShelf: 20$
4 compartment metal stand: 20$

27 inch SONY television 100$
JBL Creature 3 piece Speaker System 50$
Boston Acoustics 3 piece Speaker system 30$
GE 5.8 ghz cordless phone 10$
HP Deskjet 990Cs printer(x2) 20$ each
Cable Box 100$

60lb Curl Bar weight set 50$
Large WhiteBoard with Markers 15$
Thumbtack pin board 2$
Eureka Vacuum: 50$

3 piece pot set:15$
Small George Foreman Grill: 20$
plastic Bowls (x10) 10$ for set of 10
Toaster: 10$

PLEASE EMAIL sam.sawhney@gmail.com If interested