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    Part 1: STUFF FOR SALE....everythg has to go


    I have stuff to sell so let me know if u r interested. List is below

    BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BELOW IF U WANT PICS of anythg let me know, just send me ur email
    • Black/Silver Canon Printer: $80
    I printed my notes for class and never had a problem, really fast so no problems there and color and blank ink included: $80 WORTH IT I even print pictures from it: available dec 13, but let me know b/f hand b/c gonna go quick!!!!!!

    • Wanna know how much u weigh well got 2 (one is mine the other is my frds) mine:$10 Hers: just x2.2 and u get ur weight:$8
    • Large White Board for $20 includes marker and eraser
    • (Wooden)Medium Shelf Rack of books with 3 shelves $25
    • Review books FOR all subjects ($250) BRAND NEW (I have a set myself (WORTH IT U'll SEE)
    • Desk Lamp $5
    • Bunch of Bottles of Suntan Sun screen stuff I've used plenty left 3$ each
    • Cubby Holder Stacks of 4(White) $10
    • Computer Holder (Briefcase-like) 14-15inch computer: $10
    • FIRST semester (#2 ,3, 5, 7 2nd SEMESTER USE AS WELL)
    1. Moorre Dalley 5th Edition (Clinically Orientated Anatomy): $25
    2. Karp (Cell and Molecular Biology) 4th Edition:$25
    3. Devlin Txbk of Biochem 6th Edition: $25
    4. Ross Pawlina (Histology: a Text and Atlas):$20 + 3 other useful Histo Books(really helpful, TQ's from them) all 3 for $10 bucks
    5. Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics: $15
    6. Moore Persaud (Clinically Oriented Embryo) + Langman's Medical Embryology 9th edition : $10
    7. Junquiera Carneiro: Basic Histology 11th edition: $10
    8. Champe Harvey Lippincotts 2nd edition $5
    2nd Semester
    1. 2 for 1: Immuno + case studies book: Peter Parham The IMMUNE Sytem: (RECOMMENDED: Everyone uses it REALLY HELPFUL $ 15
    2. Glaser High Yield Biostats 2nd edition: $4
    2nd and 3rd Semester
    1. Physio: Principles of Physio Berne and Levy 3rd ed: $10
    2. Physiology Costanza:"the best book": $15
    4th and 5th

    1. Path: Kummar Abbas Pthologic Basis of Disease (U WILL USE IT ASK ANYONE) :$ 40 HUGE BLUE BOOK
    2. Neuro: Neuroscience 3rd edition (3rd or 4th is fine okayed by profs): $25
    BATES BIG BOOK NOT POCKET: (Guide to physical Examination and History Taking 8th edition): $ 30
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