I'm renting out a room for the month of August in Beacon Hill for only $625 and no deposit necessary. Utilities for the month will probably add up to $100.
The bedroom is part of a 2 story, 4 bedroom townhouse. I share the place with 3 other AUC students, but our lease is up at the end of August. I have already secured housing for the fall semester and I will be ready to move in to my new place August 1st. I would like to save my $625 rent money, which is why I am trying to rent out the room. The place is about a 7 minute drive from campus, so a car would be necessary for anyone interested in living here, although, bus transportation is available. The place is a short walk to Sunset Beach Bar and Bliss. Our 4 bedroom townhouse will be available for lease September 1st. The rent I believe is increasing to $3200, which is still pretty reasonable at $800 dollars a person. Feel free to email me with questions at carmendgarcia@gmail.com
I will try to post some pics of the place soon.
This could be an ideal opportunity for an upcoming 1st semester who wants to chill on the island for a month before class starts in Sept.