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    Everything you need for your new apartment... AND Satellite Cable!!!


    Satellite with satellite cable box: $600
    -over 1000 channels
    -all movie channels and PPV
    -every channel possible including every fox sports channels (over 60 of them, never miss a sports game again)
    22” TV with TV stand: $200
    VCR: $20
    Cable Box: $150
    Leather Computer Chair: $100
    Computer Table (4 ft by 2 ft): $40
    Pots and Pans: $20
    Full Length Mirror: $5
    Tool Set: $10
    Coffee Pot: $10
    Foreman Grill: $10
    Tray Table: $10
    Many trash cans of varying sizes: $3 each
    Sandwich Press: $5
    Brand new, never used shower curtain: $5
    Beach/Pool Raft, great for the beach: $10
    Igloo Cooler (can hold 24 beverages): $10
    Kitchen Utensils, plates, cups, cooking utensils: $15
    -24” Maglite: $10
    -EverReady Large Flashlight: $10
    -Or both for $15
    Laundry Baskets (3 of them)
    - $3/each

    Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards
    Histology Text/Atlas/CD (Ross/Pawlina)
    Langman's Medical Embryo (T.W. Sadler)
    Gross Anatomy BRS
    Neuroscience (Purves 3rd edition)
    Netter's Atlas of Anatomy
    Intro to Genetic Analysis (Griffith 6th edition)

    Most Items won't be available until August.. but will work with buyer.
    All prices are negotiable.
    All items are in good shape.
    Please contact at shapeckens@aucmed.edu
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