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    3rd Female Roommate needed for our spacious 2BR Apt


    My sweet roommate and I live in a great 2 BR apt 1min away from campus. The apt is on the 4th floor of the Lagoon View bldg and the view is to kill for. We need an extra lady to join us so that we can reduce the living expenses (by at least 40%). Rent+utilities+internet will be $700/month (or less depending on power use) per person.
    This is a unique price for an apt that's pretty much on campus.1st semester/transfer students are preferred since God willing,we're going to be 3rd semesters when you move in hence we'll be a huge resource to all your AUC/St Maarten questions and info in general.
    We're fun and extremely hard-working girls to be around with plus you'll get to save ALOT of moulah(which will be handy once you get here,trust me!)

    For more info(pics and all), contact
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