Hi! My name is Karla and I am a fifth semester student at AUC. I am selling a 2002 Suzuki Jimny. I bought this car from a student last year and I have been really happy with it. Before she sold it to me, it was previously owned by a mechanic. It is a really good car. I have had all of the routine oil changes done and have taken good care of it. It has an excellent air conditioner, power windows and power locks. The tires and rooftop were new when I bought it. I still have the original owner's manual for it! The license plates are good through March 2008 and the inspection/registration is good through 2009. It really is a great car for the island. Perfect for rainy season when roads flood! Can take off roof for an island convertible! If you have any questions about it, please feel free to email me.