1995 Jeep Wrangler "Rio Grande"

$5,000 OBO


White with Beige Soft Top

I owned this Jeep in Virginia and paid to have it shipped down to SXM in May of 2005.(at a cost of $1,600) I put 4 new tires on before it was sent down. I have taken great care of it. The miles are mainly from the interstate highway in Virginia. This is a great car to have on the island. Handles the "floods" of Mullet Bay without a problem. The doors come off and the top folds down in less than 2 minutes and the seats are made to dry very fast!!!

The price might seem high, but you need to consider the re-sale value of a Jeep Wrangler on St Maarten and the peace of mind knowing that this is a vehicle that has been well taken care of in the US and here!! ( Not an abused former rental jeep )
Want the Jeep but don’t have the cash or loan check have yet to clear? You can use a credit card and pay me through Paypal.

JEEP Details:
  • Steering wheel Club included , $25.00 value
  • Vehicle inspection good until March 2009
  • Purchased and renewed license plates, good until March 2008 $180.00 value
  • CD player/radio with removable face
  • Changed oil and oil filter every semester
  • Has anti-theft lug-nuts on all wheels. $42.99 value
  • Used gas treatment with most fill-ups
  • Has a new BEST TOP with tinted windows, a $900.00 value
  • Full size spare, Never used!!
  • 4 cyl. = great gas mileage
  • Will be available April 15th