Great apartment on the French Side, 7 min. drive to school, never any traffic or flooding.

Studio apartment, fully furnished, includes plates, cups, toaster, pots and pans, all you need to bring is clothes and yourself.

Comes with:
Washer/dryer, no coins needed
pets are welcome with NO extra charge
Satalite TV, you get all the channels
King size bed

Rent is $900/mo
Utilites is $200/mo, fixed, no worries about running the AC all day
Satalite TV is $60/mo
Internet is $40/mo
Grand total for everything is $1,200, you really can't beat that price

All you first semester who are in the dorms, don't forget that you along with your other classmates plus new first semester students will be looking for a place to live in January. If you take this place now, you can get 75% of your money back from Housing and you won't have to worry about looking for a place in January.

If interested email me at or call 553-6244