Okay, I want to get rid of everything ASAP, so get all these items for one low price. . . you'll end up paying for three and getting all the rest for FREE:

Iron shelves - decorative, 3-tier, metal but lightweight
Printer - prints in color and black & white, practically new cartridges
Fanny Lifter - exercise equipment, incl. video, GREAT workout!
Bun & Thigh Roller - assembled, incl. video
Yoga mat - padded, w/mesh carrying case
Desk Accessories - Wire Baskets, 3-hole punch, stapler, rubber bands, binders, envelopes, etc.
Kidís Scale - also can be used by adults less than 150 lbs
Dry Erase Board - barely used, comes with dry erase board cleaner
Rugs - one maroon runner, one black w/design mat

Quilt - barely used
Curtains - 2, dark blue, only a few months old
Eggshell mattress - full size bed
Beach bag - Straw-like, holds a lot
Nokia Cell phone
Candles & Holders
Weights (3 lb & 5 lb)
Garbage can - clean (only used with liner), like new, small, for bath or bedroom, has lid with a little door
2 Laundry baskets
Tons of supplemental books (some are of USMLE-type questions, some are just to use if you need further explanation for something)
Grant's Anatomy Dissector
Moore's Anatomy
The Cell
Many more. . . email me for titles if you want. . . or just take them all and sell what you don't want

Most things are only a few months old and are in almost new condition; you can have everything here (and anything else I might have forgotten to list but that I find later) for ONLY $200 total! Just the printer alone is worth $120 ($60 for the printer itself and $60 for the brand new black and color cartridges). Add $50 for the shelves, $30 for the cell phone, and you're getting all the other miscellaneous stuff (including exercise equipment that will save you money and time since you won't have to go to the gym) for FREE! Everything is available for pick-up ASAP on campus, fully assembled, etc. . . . . For more info and to see photos, please PM me or email me at magnificent_deals@yahoo.com.