Hello! I just heard the 5th semester sale is going to be a couple days after i leave the island so here's the updated list with the hope that everything will go before i leave...Everything is available now unless otherwise specified.

If interested please email lara_bookite@yahoo.com or call local 554.7337 or vonage 801.927.2231 (leave msg) Thanks!

Canon i950 color printer-$50 (available mid april)
Extension cord (2)-$1 each
Surge protector (2)-$1
Battery Backup-$30 (available end march)

Backpack-orange/gray-$3 (available mid april)
4x6 index cards-$1
Book stand-$.50
3 hole punch-$.50

Black futon mattress slipcovers from BB&B (2)-$15 ea or $25 for both
Pillows (6)-$2 each
Twin plastic zip in mattress cover-$1
2 Full Size (these fit futons) coordinating sheet sets-$10 each
(1-Multi-Colored Stripes/1-White w/ Multi-Colored Flip-Flops)

3” diameter round-painted/stained wicker-$.50
2-3” deep rectangle-wicker-$3
3” deep round-painted/stained wicker-$3
3” deep round w/ handles-painted/stained wicker-$8
12” deep oval w/ handles-wicker-$8
Small lavender w/ handle-plastic-$1
Small white w/ handle-plastic-$1
Small maroon-plastic-$.50
Plastic clothes baskets (2)-$3 each

Tub w/ rope handles- red-$2
78 Quart (med/large) container-blue w/ silver/gray lid-$5
Large Sterlite container-blue w/ attached lid-$3
Small Sterlite container-blue w/ attached lid-$2
Tool Box-yellow-$4
Supply tote-blue-$4
Storage container (utensils or pens/pencils) $2
Shelf-white metal-$2
Stacking trays-clear plastic (2 sets)-$2 a set or all 4 for $3
2 level metal paper organizer-$2
Wood 3 level bookshelf-$10

Garbage cans
Bathroom/Kitchen white-$4
Bathroom small white-$2
Bathroom royal blue w/ lid-$2

Household/Cleaning (available mid april)
Mop (2)-$1 each
“Indoor” broom-$1
“Outdoor” broom-$1
Swifer wet jet - $8
Mop Bucket w/ sturdy wringer ($11 at Ace)-$5

3 pc dish set (6 person-bought at Ace less than a year ago)-$25
Set of 4 glasses w/ palm trees etched on them (2)-$6 each
Set of 4 multi color large plastic cups-$2 (end of march)
3 person set plastic plates and cups-$2 (end of march)
8x8 Pyrex baking dish-$6
9x13 Pyrex baking dish-$10
Paper towel stand-$2
Place mats wood/fabric cream colored (set of 6)-$8
Table cloth (vinyl checkered from Ace)-$2
Sterlite large dish drainer-$2
Spices-$10 (available end of March)
1 gal Sterlite pitcher w/ “pop-top”-$2
Cookie sheets (2)-$.50 - $1 each
Color coded cutting boards (4)-$1 for all (end of March)
Large skillet w/ glass lid-$6 (available end of March)
Brita (white) pitcher-$5
Brita (silver w/ timer) pitcher-$8 (available beginning of April)

Medium rug multi color striped (from Bed Bath and Beyond)-$5
Medium rugs black (2)-$1 each
Med/Small rug striped-$5
Small rug royal blue-$1

Soap Dish-clear glass-$.50
Multi colored shower curtain (matches BB&B rug)-$5
Standard size towel set lime green-$5
Bath sheet size towel set purple (one each hand towel & washcloth)-$5
Bath sheet size towel set navy (one each hand towel & washcloth)-$5
Washcloths black (2)-$1
Tub no skid mat clear-$1

Beach Mat black/white-$5 (end of March)
Beach toys (including bucket)-$2
Pool noodles (2)-$.50 each
Small collapsible coolers (2)-$1 each
Coleman small propane tanks (4)-$4 each or all 4 for $15

Bamboo Candle holders (2)-$5 for both
Triple candle set w/ metal stand-$5
Turquoise candle w/ metal stand-$3
Basket 15” diameter round-black wrought iron w/ 3 grapevine balls-$8
Bowl w/ stand-Ceramic/Sandstone-$10
Glass jar w/ cork lid and potpourri inside (2)-$1 each
Bamboo window blinds (2)-$10 each or $18 for both
Throw Pillows Turquoise (4)-$5 each
Throw Pillows Periwinkle (2)-$5 each
Throw Pillows Lime Green (2)-$5 each
Throw Pillows Fucia, Orange and Multi colored (4)-$5 each

Clip on high chairs (2) (1 avail now)-$15
Splat mat-$2
Step stool-white-$2
Twin size mosquito net-$3
Ride on car-$3

Black folding chairs-$15
Canister vacuum-$15 (available first of april)
Standing fans (4)-$5-8 each
TV/DVD combo 13” with Remote-$100 (available end of mar)

If interested please email lara_bookite@yahoo.com or call local 554.7337 or vonage 801.927.2231 (leave msg) Thanks!