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    Some advice PLEASE about clinical rotations: NYC


    Hey guys,

    I agreed to be booked from 4/9/2012 - 12/14/2012: FM - Psych - Peds - OBGYN - IM
    for Bronx-Lebanon. Surgery hasn't been scheduled yet since they can only do it by year.

    Is there any down side to doing all my cores at 1 place? Should I get some experience at some other other hospitals
    like Brooklyn Hospital or SIUH?
    Or should I just finish out my surgery core at BL?
    Is it easy to get electives at the other NYC hospitals after my cores?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    Definitely need to get out of FM unless you like like standing around for 12 hours without learning a thing and also not being sent home because the residents have a chip on their shoulder. I also remember teaching a 2nd year resident how to correctly read an ABG....There was a saying I recall at Bronx-leb among the doctors at the hospital, "don't send your patients up to the 16th floor unless you want them to die."

    OBGYN, I did not do there, but during my surgery rotation, a lot of the surgeons and critical care docs became upset with the obgyn dept because they were always messing up cases. They even joked saying they had a "suite" in the sicu for all the obgyn mess ups. the surgery PD also told our group that the program was on its way out as well

    If you decide to do your surgery at Bronx-Leb, you will probably love the rotation as long as you have no interest in going into surgery. The hours are a lot shorter compared to surgery rotations at other hospitals. No trauma unit.
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