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    Peds at Brooklyn Hospital


    I've done some searches on this core rotation, but i am having difficulty finding information on it. I was wondering if anyone has recently done this rotation and would care to shine some light on the details of it. Any information would be helpful. thanks!

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    It's pretty good, one of those "take out what you put in" rotations. Basically there are 7 St. Georges students and one of us, and usually 1 Cornell med student. The rotation is geared more toward them, they have some computerized assigments they have to do, and some other requirements.

    The clerkship director is very involved in the rotation. There are 6 blocks, one each week. There is a floor week, a Pediatric ICU week, a Neonatal ICU/Nursery week, a clinic week, a Peds ED week, and a "self-sudy" week.

    For floor, PICU, and NICU/Nursery week, report time is 7 am. Rounding goes on until 8, and at 8 morning report starts. After that, there are preceptor sessions and scheduled medical student lectures between 11 and 1. Afternoons for PICU and Floor are spent on those floors, afternoons for NICU week are spent in outpatient subspecialty clinics.

    ED week you have 6 schedule shifts, and outside of those shifts, your responsibilities are only to attend the mid-day preceptor sessions and lectures.

    Clinic week is 3 days in the hospital clinic, 2 days in an off-site clinic in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

    Self study week for AUC students is really just going to morning reports at 8 am, and mid-day sessions and lectures.

    Other requirements are 2 write-ups, a presented power point case, and a power point presentation in PICO format (an evidence-based medicine format - population, intervention, comparison, outcome).

    The longest days are easily the floor week, sometimes 7-5 or 7-6. There are supposed to be call days in the floor and PICU weeks, some residents enforce it, some dont.

    Let me know if you have other questions.

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