hi everyone,

I am writing to let you know that there is an apartment in a house for rent in the long island area. This apt. is literally 2mins away from the hospital by car and about 15mins away walking. it's ideally located near several grocery stores, walmart etc.

its a two room apt in a house, one room is a bedroom with some furniture provided and a twin bed, and the other room has a refrigerator, kitchen sink, microwave, toaster oven. there is plenty of space in both rooms and combined the two rooms provide more than enough space for a single person.

the only drawback is that there is no oven/stove, and laundry has to be done at the local laundromat there are two that are close by.

rent is around $800 / month

the room will become vacated by december 2-4 and available for moving in there after.

the contact person is Gerry cell# 516-729-2544, house# 516-883-7428