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    Psychiatry - Providence Hospital - Post Rotation Review


    How about a nice review of Psychiatry at Providence Hospital, Southfield MI. Well for us AUCer's it is a 6 week core rotation, while Michigan State and Wayne State students take just 4 weeks. You all start at the same time at the beginning of the month and after 4th week the AUC students are by themselves for a few days until the new students get orrientated the beginning of the following month. This is important because the AUC students are responsible for completing a psycho-social history on all patients admitted to the inpatient service and the partial hospital outpatient service by themselves until the new group can start and help out. This basically equates to AUCers doing extra work for about a week in the 4th week of the rotation.

    So heres the run-down.

    The schedule is very confusing for the rotation as each week can vary to where you should be at what time. You basically have to check your schedule every day to see where you should be for the next day. On average you show up around 8am or so and meet with the attending and discuss your patients you interviewed the previous day. You present the patient as you do for medicine, but with a mental status exam instead of physical exam. Then you discuss the differential diagnosis and treatment and yada yada.. Then depending on the day of the week you will meet with other attendings and professionals in the psych. dept.

    Other than the scheduled meetings throughout the day to meet with attendings and discuss patients, your time will be spent interviewing and following up on patients you saw eariler. The interview of your assigned patients can take 45min - 1 hr but shouldn't take more because u don't have time. You are assigned partial hospital patients (stable enough to come to the hospital on a daily basis for therapy) or inpatients (are secured inside hospital). After you interview them you have to go onto the hospital computer and enter the interview in a special format (the social worker will give u and example). This has to be completed within 72 hours of admission so you have to interview them when you have free time. Which is very sparce and can be a challange occasionaly. We all were able to interview our patients on time and had time for lunch, etc.

    Lunch is not provided for you and must buy it yourselfs. There is 2 calls you must do while on the rotation in the evening. You stay no later than 9-10pm and its starts at 6pm. You basically are to help the ER social worker with psychiatric patients if they are called.

    Other than your weekly meetings with all the attendings and discussions, you have a presentation to do on a topic of your choice to present to all the other students during your didactic day (Thursdays) near the end of the rotation. You get a handout to let you know how to structure it. You also have to lead a partial hospital group therapy session with a fellow student during your rotation. Its to be a fun and educational session where you teach the patients something that can help them.

    One day a week is lecture day and is from 11 - 4/5pm and you listen to the attending Lecture on various topics. Tuesday evenings are unique as you spend the 1-2pm - 4pm viewing a group therapy session behind a 1 way mirrior, watching the attending interview patients. It can be pretty boring in a dark room for that length of time watching a therapy session.

    Overall you learn quite a lot about psychiatry and are very able to take the Shelf Exam with little extra prep time. The schedule is the most taxing part and you kept very busy with meetings and interviewing patients. You will always get out of the hospital by 5pm no problem (except call days). You are able to dress comfortably (tie optional) and don't need a white coat if you don't want to wear one. Attendance is strictly enforced so don't skip without a good reason.

    I give it a 4/5 rating as rotation for learning potential if your into psychiatry. If your not into psychiatry it can fell a little overkill, but managable. Overall one of the most tightly structured rotations I have taken.
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    good review....i wish more people would do reviews. maybe people dont like vmd knowing where they've been!!
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