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Thread: NUMC medicine

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    NUMC medicine - review


    Not done yet, but I'll give a little breakdown for those considering NUMC.

    It is a 12 week rotation.

    As of now, there are 2 AUC students assigned per team, there are usually 1-2 other students, 2 interns, a 3rd year resident, and an attending. The 2 AUC students stay on that team for the entire 12 weeks, the attendings, residents, interns, and other students change every 3-4 weeks.

    In the morning, you are expected to show up around 7 a.m. and check on the 2-3 patients assigned to you by your intern. You talk to them, take their vitals, check their labs and consults and write SOAP notes for each of the patients that are to be cosigned by your intern. At 8 a.m., if you are done seeing your patients and writing your notes, you attend morning report, which is a case study presented by one of the residents every morning. At 9 a.m. you collect all of the charts for the patients your team is responsible for ( 10-25 ) and rounds begin. During rounds, your entire team goes from room to room with the charts, discussing each patient and what needs to be done. By noon you are usually done rounding and are expected to go to noon conference, which is basically another topic presented by a resident.

    After lunch you return to the floor and take care of anything else that needs to be taken care of - taking blood samples, setting up consults, discharge paperwork, etc.

    You usually leave at about 5p-6p on normal days. You are on call every 4th day until 7:30p or as late as 9p.

    Weekends, if your 4th day happens to be on a weekend... you go from 8a-12p. Unless you are on call you usually get the weekend off. These hours are highly dependent on what your resident or attending wants, sometimes you luck out, sometimes you keep the same grueling hours as the intern... there are hours set by the department for AUC students, but you often have to remind the residents and interns if you really want to leave "on time"....

    Overall, AUC students are treated with a lot of respect and given as much responsibility as they want to take on and is legally feasible. We take ABG's help with procedures, take H&P's for new admissions, and even write orders that have to be cosigned by the physician. Overall the rotation is great, the Dr's here are great. If there is one complaint I have it is that it can get a little grueling doing the floor everyday, it would be nice if maybe we rotated through the ICU or GI, etc during our time here just to get different exposures and to break things up. You do have the opportunity to follow your patients and bring them to different procedures if you want, say to and endoscopy, and the Dr's there are more than willing to teach if you ask. But nothing formal. I would give this rotation a A-/B+
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