Hey Gang,

  • I completed my Oncology Elective Rotation in July. The service is fairly relaxed and has no real structure to it.

  • Your main contact for this rotation will be the Oncology Pharm D who is responsible for all of the hospital-based chemotherapy.

  • You will round daily on any Oncology patients you have in house. Your notes aren't incorporated into the chart, however you should do them so you can track your patients' progress and present to either the PharmD or the Oncologist should it be necessary. You are involved with management with the primary team and can work with them in whatever capacity you see fit.

  • Clinic is once a week on Wednesday from 830 AM to Noon. This is realistically the only time you'll find the oncologists in house. Some are very easy to work with, others are "challenging", but not in a detrimental way.

  • You'll also be responsible for any consults called in by the other specialties.

  • There were opportunities to view some procedures including intrathecal administration of chemotherapy, bone marrow biopsies.

  • Perhaps the most intersting was going to an Outpatient Oncology setting where I was able to observe Brachytherapy for prostate CA patients. A very informal setting where the attendings are very friendly and approachable and are willing to teach. I'd highly recommend this if you can get it.

  • In summary, a fairly relaxed rotation, which was great considering I was trying to get my ERAS App together plus study for CK.