Hey guys,
I got accepted in AUA medical school but I am concern with clinical rotations situations and also with scholarships offered.
I am international and it is extremely hard for me to be in AUA without loans and scholarship. During the interview, the lady said that they just have one scholarship avaiable?! what are the other solutions?
Besides that, does the school prepare us well for the USMLE? Can we do our residency in US? Which city are actually affiliate with US? Because some schools like Ross are accrediated and AUA is not.
One of the things that I also noticed is on website it offers more than one scholarship and one the interview they just said that only one is offered.
If you are in AUA right now, I would like you to help me. I need to make a decision as soon as I can but as you can see I am still confused.

I truly appreciated your help.
Thank you