Yes, we've all heard the stories of AUA graduates finding residencies, especially now with California accreditation; but how do job prospects look 5-10 years down the line? I was reading another forum comparing Ross and AUA and many people (including physicians) recommend not getting a degree from Caribbean med schools.

Here's an excerpt from Student Doctor: forums.studentdoctornet/threads/ross-vs-antiguas-medical-school-aua.701550/

Caribbean students are not competitive as it is. Many use hospitals I rotate at as rotation/educational sites, contracted by their schools abroad. But these hospitals don't accept them as applicants. I've spoken to the DME at my hospital, and a few medical directors (who also happened to be my attendings) about their outlook on FMG/Carib positions, and it's all quite negative. I've got plenty of friends who are undergrads who are/were considering the Caribbean. And the way things are going, I make it a point to tell them that it's not a good idea.

Over the last 10 years, we've had no where near enough US physicians to fill residency spots- MD or DO. And many of these less desirable residencies go unfilled and consistently do not accept FMGs/Caribs. As in, they accept FMG applications (because that's a few extra bucks to med ed) but they throw them out and go without all their spots filled.

Now, essentially overnight, we're going to have too many medical students in the states to train everyone. And unless medicare decides to make it rain and fund some more spots (which doesn't look like it's happening) you'll see US grads going without.

You're right- Caribbean students will still be applying. But realistically, do you think a government funded residency system is going to prefer students who pay money to external organizations over its own closed-system students? I can't say it's not, but I can find a logical reason why it wouldn't. It just doesn't make as much money, and that doesn't make sense. And if I was a premed, I would want someone to tell me than before I end up with a CaribMD and no prospects in the 50 states 5 years later.
What do you think? Is the situation that bad for us? I sincerely hope not.