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    Psych Rotation Experience at Summa Health- Akron, OH


    I hope this helps to give you an idea about rotating at Summa Health. Overall, the rotation is an awesome experience and I would encourage you to do psych here if the opportunity is available.

    Schedule: There are 3 attendings at this rotation, and you spend two weeks with each doctor. The typical day starts at 8am and goes until 2. Dr. S starts her day at 7:45am. The length of the day varies depending on the number of patients that the doctor has. Dr. B works primarily with outpatient patients where as Drs. W and S alternate between outpatient (Dr W- Tuesdays and Fridays, Dr. S- Tuesdays at Akron City). When you rotate with Drs. B and W, you meet at Barberton Citizens Hospital. When you rotate with Dr. S, you meet at St. T Hospital, except when she has outpatient service on Tuesdays.

    Accommodations: When you receive your welcome email from the hospital and/or the school, you may be invited to stay at the nursing school which is right next door to Akron City. If that is the case, room and board is free. The housing is set up as a dorm with community bathrooms. Although the dorm itself isn't the greatest of places, it is very manageble and the staff are very nice and helpful. There is free wireless at the nursing school, but the internet in that building is spotty at best. There is a residents library right next to the building which is open 24 hours and has a good internet connection. Each of the hospitals you rotate at has free wireless. All students, regardless of whether you stay in student housing or offsite, are provided with free parking at the hospitals and a free meal plan all accessed through your ID badge. For those who prefer to live offsite, the best resource for finding a place is through craigslist as plenty of rental options are available.

    Academics: In addition to the recommended reading text (Introduction to Psychiatry- Andreasen) that Dr. B asks you get, I highly recommend getting Case Files- Psychiatry. I went through it during my rotation and I thought it was a solid book not just for this particular rotation, but for all psych rotations. If you are looking to do practice questions, Pretest for psychiatry is a great resource. Each of the attendings, especially Dr. B, will "pimp" you on certain concepts so be sure to read up on your patients and research what each attending asks you to look up by the next day. You also have to do soap notes to put in your patient log/portfolio to submit to the school so bring a small notebook to take notes on the patients that you see each day. Starting with my rotation group, the hospital requires you to attend grand rounds and didactics in which psych residents teach you about various aspects of psychiatry. Each student will also observe one ECT performed by Dr. Ivan. At the end of the rotation, you take a final exam written by the school- it consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

    Everyone here is really nice and friendly. There is an opportunity to get a lot out of this rotation if you work hard and are assertive. The attendings are all nice, helpful, and willing to teach. There may be opportunities to do electives through Summa, but you will have to go through the school to schedule those as the hospital is cracking down on students trying to schedule their own rotations through the hospital. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or if there is anything that I can do to help. Take care and good luck!
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    she owns a house in Akron, and its literally 5 minutes from the Summa Akron hospita
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