Posting this as per request of my landlord. Tenants have recently moved out of the 1st and 2nd fl of where I live. The 1st and 2nd fl apts are very spacious and nice. Each apartment has 3 bedrooms. You can either rent out the apartment with people you know, or just rent out a room.

About the location:
About 1/2 mile away from RUMC. A car is NOT necessary. I usually walk there in the morning. Takes about 10 mins.

About the price:
There are no security deposits. She is flexible with her prices. Prices should range from 650-750/ per person depending on the apartment.

About the landlord:
When I moved in, there was no internet or AC in my apartment. I requested an AC and internet when I moved in, and she did both within 2 days. Shes very laid back and her daughter is in med school, so she understands what we have to go through.

For more info: tmemon719 at gmail.com