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    Message from aua adminstration!!! Please read!!!


    To all KMCIC/AUA students currently doing their clinical rotations:

    It is my understanding that there have been a number of inquiries regarding the impact of the Medical Board of California recognition on those students who completed their basic science coursework at KMCIC. The Medical Board of California has determined that the AUA recognition granted on July 29, 2011 applies only to students who have completed their basic sciences in Antigua. At the time of AUA’s initial application to be recognized by the Medical Board of California, KMCIC could not be included in the process.

    Based on the medical board’s decision, students who graduate from AUA and who have completed their basic sciences in Antigua are now eligible for licensure and to participate in clinical clerkships in the State of California.

    Please remember that all students who applied to, and ultimately matriculated at either KMCIC or AUA made an enrollment decision knowing that they were not eligible for licensure in California.

    We are exploring ways of obtaining recognition for KMCIC. Under the best of circumstances, this will take at least three years and we have no idea if we will receive a positive decision.

    It should be noted that the Medical Board of California recognition of AUA does not change your eligibility to practice medicine in all other states, such as New York, in which graduates who have attended KMCIC have been eligible for licensure.
    If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate in emailing either myself or Dr. Bell.

    **** Woodward; MBA
    Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management & COO, p.p.
    American University of Antigua (AUA)
    College of Medicine; School of Nursing; College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences;
    American International College of Arts and Life Sciences - Antigua; Kasturba Medical College - Manipal (KMCIC)
    212-661-8899 EXT 120

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    Be honest friends on your California licensure application!

    You have to state honestly where you did each year of your coursework regardless of the final "AUA degree", or you will be prosecuted for perjury. AUA/KMCIC administrators will not show up to defend you in court.
    Remember, Medical Bd of California has recognized American univ Antigua College of Medicine (AUA) but NOT any coursework done at KMCIC by letter to Mr Neil ***** by the Med Bd of California available on the internet. Google for yourselves!

    That sets to rest the arguments by many that AUA "Two campuses, one university" and statements like "AUA and KMCIC are essentially the same "entity" "KMCIC is being given the same accreditation as AUA". "Essentially after you come back from Antigua or Manipal (KMCIC), you are essentially a graduate of AUA". "KMCIC student you have the same options as an AUA student (because you are essentially an "AUA" student)"

    Obviously Med Bd of California does not see it that way and specifically state: "Please note that course work completed at Kasturba Medical College International Center will not be accepted for licensure."
    Also check for yourselves the waiting list or lack thereof for clinical rotations regardless of whether you are a AUA or KMCIC coursework matriculate of AUA.
    Remember, there is no going back once you spend all that money for a useless KMCIC coursework based AUA degree. It is the coursework that counts and not the ultimate degree!
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