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    Surgery at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center


    2/21/2011 - 5/20/2011

    every 2 weeks, we rotated through a different sub-program..

    1. clinic
    2. day call
    3. wound care
    4. OR
    5. ambulatory surgery
    6. night call

    general schedule:
    730AM - 830AM general surgery lecture
    230PM - 330PM rotating lecture*

    additionally on thursdays:
    800AM - 1030AM morbidity & mortality presentation (M&M);
    grand rounds;
    tumor board;
    journal club
    1030AM - 1100AM weekly quiz

    *rotating lectures:
    5 different attendings gave lectures;
    dr. m had 2 surgery students present on topics given to us..

    clinic weeks:
    we were given diff specialty clinics we could attend..
    (e.g. ortho, uro, vascular..)
    mainly H&Ps.. maybe some physicals

    day call weeks:
    7 days a week for 2 weeks..
    M-F report after lecture to day call room on 9th floor..
    divide out the patients on the census among the group..
    table round with a resident (on their time.......)
    read up on your patients..
    browse their H&P etc..
    go see your patients.. talk to them if you can..
    responsible for:
    -access line
    -any follow up xrays, CTs, other diag test results
    -consult impressions
    report back to the chiefs in the day call room
    a consult student should be designated..
    so if a procedure or a new admit comes in..
    the consult student can take care of them.

    wound care weeks:
    PA J and PA R are awesome..
    work with them.. and they'll try and get you home asap
    (they wanna get home too lol)
    my group waited outside the library until we were called..
    stock your pockets with 4x4s, abdominal pads, suture removal kits,
    staple removers, iodoform packing, tape, gloves..
    you'll know what to keep on you after the first day or two..
    it saves you time from having to go get it for every patient..
    ulcers is the main name of the game..
    dressing down then reapplying dressings to them.
    PA R likes to have a student stay after and help type progress notes..

    OR/AmSurg weeks:
    basically the same routine for both rotations..
    after morning lecture..
    head down to the OR on the 4th floor..
    put on bootys and a surgical cap..
    take off your white coat..
    then head out to the OR floor and observe/scrub in to cases..
    chiefs can coordinate which surgeries to observe/scrub into..
    read up on your patient's case and related topics if you want...

    night call weeks:
    basically the same routine as day call but at night..
    7PM - 7AM (daily morning lectures are to also be attended....)

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    Thanks for the break downs! They're really helpful

    I owe you a high-five/hug when I see you next...I'll let you decide which
    M.D. [X]

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