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Thread: OB/GYN at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

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    OB/GYN at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center


    I remember having a hard time finding out much info before I did OB here..
    so I thought I'd write about my experience.

    1/17/2011 - 2/25/2011

    Each week, you rotate through a sub-program within OB/GYN.
    1. OB clinic
    2. GYN clinic
    3. OR
    4. Night float
    5. Labor & delivery (L&D)
    6. Sono

    The first day, about 60 students were split into 6 groups
    (with about 3 AUA students per group).
    AUA students' schedule differed from the non AUA students a bit.
    There were 9 attendings for AUA students during my time, and we had 19 AUA students.
    So, each attending had 2 students except for one who had 3 students.
    Each attending had a private clinic outside the hospital.

    Unless our attending had a surgery between 8AM and 9AM..
    we had to be at morning report, with one more exception which I'll explain later.
    During morning report, the residents presented each patient to the attendings.
    Afterwards, one of the students would present a topic off a list they gave us.

    For OB clinic, GYN clinic, Sono, and OR week, we had go to our attending's private clinic.
    An exception would be if your attending had a surgery at the hospital, in which case you were to scrub in.
    During L&D, our hours were 8AM - 8PM.
    During Night float, our hours were 8PM - 8AM
    Also during Night float week, only 4 students out of your group had to be there each night (same with L&D week).
    Since we had more than 4 students in each group, we didn't have a night float shift every day.
    So on days you didn't have a shift, you had the whole day off including morning report.
    On days you did have a shift, you had to be present at morning report
    (so technically night float shifts were 8PM - 9AM).

    Presentations were to be done by each group during their Sono week.

    Also, we had scheduled lectures. We had 1 a day for like the first 3 weeks or so.
    Then it became sporadic. Lectures were also frequently cancelled.
    Thursdays added grand rounds to our schedule.
    So from 900 - ~1100 we had either residents present and/or another lecture.

    We had 7 residents while I was there.
    Drs. T and L were our resident preceptors.
    They were all pretty cool and approachable.

    I had Dr. K for my attending.
    **Don't choose him if you're looking to hard core study for STEP2**
    His private clinic was about 13 blocks or so from the hospital.
    I loved everything about working with him except the hours.
    M, T, TH 1100 - 700
    W 100 - 700
    F 1100 - 400
    Sat Closed (Religious reasons)
    Sun 1100 - 700
    (excused to go to lectures or any other mandatory stuff)
    Although his hours were written to 700, I've stayed until 945 on many occasions.
    The great thing about working with Dr. K is that almost everything is hands on.
    The first day, he showed me how to do procedures once, and then from then on..
    essentially, my partner and I did them for the rest of the rotation.
    i.e. pap smears, bimanual exams, chlamydia/gono cultures, blood draws, etc.
    He even let us remove an IUD and deliver a baby!

    People knock on WHMC..
    I don't have exp anywhere else since this is my first core..
    and I totally get why they knock it..
    but I think a rotation, to a large extent is what you put into it.
    My OB/GYN experience was very positive.
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    informative thank you

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