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Thread: wyckoff housing

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    wyckoff housing


    hi, i'm not actually an aua student, but i'm going to start my rotations at wyckoff heights in a few weeks through hope medical institute and i've been frantically searching for a roommate. since most of my class is still studying for the boards, i'm sort of on my own for the next few months. i would prefer to live with males and not pay more than $800 a month. if you need a roommate or are looking to sublet, please pm me. thanks!

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    One bedroom for rent $450 includes internet, electricity, water. The room is the last room in a railroad style apartment so you will have your privacy. The kitchen and bathroom are shared with me. There is a washer and dryer that you are welcome to use. Perfect for medical students rotating at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center (1 block away) or Interfaith Medical Center. The room comes furnished with a futon, dresser, nightstand, desk and chair. Please give me a call for more information : 7188212028

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