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    Furnished Luxury Apt - Gym, Train Station, Concierge (NYC Area)


    Please read the entire posting and view the included pictures before contacting us. Our contact information is provided below. We tried to be as honest and descriptive as possible. You will not be disappointed. Open to medical and non-medical students, 30 mins north of NYC & connected to a train station to take you there. Also, right next door to Sound Shore Hospital and Mount Vernon Hospital. Thank you so much for your time and best wishes finding the housing of your choice!

    Who we are looking for:
    We are looking for a male_or_female roommate of any adult age to move in from February 1, 2011. You must be willing to stay a minimum of at least 6 months. After the sixth month, you are free to stay at the same rate on a month-to-month basis for as long as you like until the expiration of our current lease. However, you must give us 30 days advanced notice prior to moving out so that we have a fair amount of time to look for someone else. Our lease ends on November 30, 2011, but we typically renew the lease every year for another twelve months. Thus, our apartment has the possibility of becoming a long-term housing option for you if you decide to stay past 2011. Although our luxury tower allows pets, our particular apartment has no pets allowed.

    About our departing roommate:
    Our 26-year-old roommate (she's a very dear friend) is moving out for personal reasons. We have lived together for 3 years in this same apartment and renewed it annually because we all got along so well. We met her on the Internet in our original posting three years ago, which is why we thought we would try our luck online again. She is living with us through January 31, so you are welcome to come visit the apartment, ask her or us questions, meet us personally, and start moving your stuff in if you feel we are the right mix for you.

    About your 2 remaining potential roommates:
    I am a 29-year-old male and recently graduated doctor. My other roommate is of the same age and currently completing medical school as well. We are both professional, kind-hearted, flexible, understanding, and keep to ourselves. Hence, we are all adults and feel a co-ed environment can exist in our apartment as it has for the past three years, which is why we are open to a roommate of either gender. We value and respect everyone’s privacy and are looking for the same sort of kind-hearted, good-natured, and friendly third roommate to coexist with.

    About the apartment:
    As mentioned in the subject heading, it is a 25-story luxury tower/apartment and located in a very safe community known as New Rochelle, NY. Amenities included within the building: 24-hour security, doorman and concierge, laser key entry, personal gym, pool, recreation center, very quick maintenance services, 24-hour package pick-up and drop-offs, on-site ATM machine, indoor basketball courts, laundry facilities (but we have our own washer/dryer in our apartment) and many other features. The train station is literally connected right next door to our building so a car is not necessary. The Metro North train can take you to Manhattan/Grand Central within approximately 30 mins -or- to Connecticut in the opposite direction. Amtrak also comes to this same station and can take you almost anywhere in the country. Also literally right across the street are: Regal IMAX movie theater, post office, public library, Stop&Shop/grocery shops, Chase & Bank of America, fitness center, bowling, indoor ice skating rink, billiards, miniature golf, and tons of restaurants (Applebees, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Greek, Mexican food, Wings Zone, Fast Food, etc). Not only are all these practically within a 2-minute walk from us, but there’s also a coffee/sandwich shop connected to our apartment tower as well. This place is ideally located and provides you just about anything you need.

    About your room:
    Our apartment is actually a 2-bedroom/2-bathroom apartment... but since me and the other boy were very studious and always in our rooms, we converted the living room into a bedroom and our female roommate was happily living in it for the past three years. This converted room is the room for rent and is just about double the size of the master bedroom, so it is very spacious! The entire apartment is very clean, we do not get any bugs or have any sorts of problems whatsoever. Your room will have a panoramic view of Manhattan (including the Empire State building) from a distance, including a view of beautiful lights and the freeways. You will have your own heater and air conditioner because every room is personally equipped with one so that you can control your room temperature to your liking. Do not worry, you will have your complete privacy because the apartment is designed in a way where nobody can accidentally enter your room and it is your own personal space. You may want to purchase or put up a removable flex-door if you prefer to have a door at the entrance of your converted room, but our current female_roommate was happy with just having a curtain there (see pics below). That option is totally up to you. Although the converted bedroom is entirely yours, you will be sharing the bathroom and kitchen with only one other person (since I do not cook and have my own bathroom within my bedroom). It is a beautifully lighted oversized bathroom with vanity lighting, tub, and nicely pressured shower that has never run out of hot water till this day. Your converted bedroom is already furnished. Please read more about that below.

    About your room being furnished:
    Our departing female_roommate has been kind enough to keep her room beautifully furnished so that someone else could move in with ease. However, if you prefer it not to be furnished we can sell her furniture or put it away in storage. The price of the apartment is the same whether you want it furnished or not. The following furniture is included: computer/study desk, chairs, full-bed box spring with frame, red ikea and brown dresser drawers, wicker drawers, 27-inch color television set w/ remote and stand, futon couch with tables, carpet, lamps, standing room divider between your bed and study area, curtains and curtain rods, bookcase, nightstand, rolling laundry basket, decorative artsy wall stickers, framed art, and a few other accessories. These are all personal property and not to be taken with you when you move out of the apartment, but we are more than happy to store them away from your room if you prefer to bring in your own furniture. We also already have pots, pans, dishes, a dishwasher, microwave, silverware, cutting board, refrigerator, and everything you can think of so you don’t need to worry about those things. This place is ready for someone to easily move in. We even have our own washer and dryer that the three of us can share together, just as I mentioned earlier. There is even a trash shoot nearby on our floor where you can just dump all your trash-bags without having to make long trips or put in much effort. I actually do not use the kitchen at all because I have my own refrigerator and microwave in my room, so it is all yours to share with my other roommate. As I mentioned earlier, you may want to purchase your own flex-door if you prefer that over having a curtain. Also, you will need to purchase your own mattress because our female_roommate is taking her top mattress off her bed with her. It wasn’t a cheap bed either, I think she spent like $1100 on it from Sleepy’s when she moved in!

    Rent, fees, optional services:
    The only fees you are required to pay is the rent ($825 per month) and a monthly utilities fee. Optionally, you can get parking for your car, cable TV, and internet. You can split the cable TV and very fast high-speed internet with us if you prefer, and that will save you lots of money. The building charges an amenities fee for all their luxurious services, but that is already included in your rent price. There are no additional charges for having your room pre-furnished through the end of our lease.

    Just to give you an idea of what they cost, here are some numbers from 2010 for our monthly bills PER PERSON since we equally split most bills 3-ways...
    -Utilities (required): as low as $46 per month, as high as $85 per month, but usually around $60-65 per month.
    -Cable TV (optional): about $30 per month, includes a cable box & approximately 80-channels.
    -Very High Speed Wireless Internet (optional): about $23 per month.
    -Security/Garage-Gated Parking (optional): $125 per month (free and minimally fee'd street parking also available on daily first come basis)

    When moving in, we will need you first month’s rent of $825 and another $600 deposit. Rent and bills (utilities and optional services) are due on the 1st of the month, but must be received by the 5th of each month to avoid any late fees. Normally, I provide a detailed list of all charges via e-mail to all occupants and they transfer me the money through their Bank of America or Chase account. However, if you do not prefer online banking despite its ease of use, I will accept cash or postal money orders as well. No personal checks please.

    The deposit will be fully returned to you upon moving out, minus any damages or remaining bills that you may owe. Our departing female_roommate had no problems with receiving back her deposit since her room is nice and tidy, and had paid all her bills on time. If you have any concerns about any possible problems or damages to your room that you do not want to be held liable for, please be sure to inform us of it within 7 days of moving in. In an unlikely situation where damage may occur in shared spaces like a bathroom or kitchen, the costs of damages will be equally shared by it’s occupants if it cannot be proven who actually caused the damage. At the present time, we have never had nor experienced any damages over our three years of living together. If you move out before the end of the sixth month as agreed, your deposit may not be returned to you for breech of agreement (this decision is totally up to me and our other occupant but we are fair and lenient people and will consider your circumstances). You can live month to month after the sixth month with no worries about your deposit (unless damages), as long as you give us at least 30 days notice prior to moving out. However, we never have had any problems like that and lived very happily. You are free to ask us and our departing roommate any questions and address any concerns before moving in. We are all very friendly and laid back, writing all this is merely a formality so we have no problems or discrepancies in the future.

    Contact information:
    Feel free to contact me me through private messages or e-mail. Both of us even have Facebook and all that other good stuff if you want to add us and get an idea of who you may be meeting or potentially living with. We look forward to not only having a new roommate, but making a new lifelong friend! :-)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Furnished Luxury Apt - Gym, Train Station, Concierge (NYC Area)-front.jpg   Furnished Luxury Apt - Gym, Train Station, Concierge (NYC Area)-floor-print.jpg   Furnished Luxury Apt - Gym, Train Station, Concierge (NYC Area)-img_0849.jpg   Furnished Luxury Apt - Gym, Train Station, Concierge (NYC Area)-img_0858.jpg  
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