So I thought alot about this before posting but there were some things that were bothering me to where I knew that the people at my clinical site and calling the New York office would just put me in an endless circle of frustration! So I decided to try the ValueMD route since I heard that some of our gracious school officials read, comment, and moderate this forum!

Anyways I was wondering the absolute fairness of our Midterm exams considering it seems as if all the different 5th semester sites are not in tandem with one another and that they all seem to cover different material. This is coming from a financial standpoint where, me being a cynical person, would think that AUA is trying to weed out even more people with its current loan situation! However I could be wrong, though for our teachers to tell us that we wont pass or its the harder than the Comp Shelf or that most of the questions come from other sites is preposterous! Personally I believe in my site (Miami) we have some of the worst teachers and better time would be spent studying alone which I was promised and have not received, and likewise, if we are to have class can the 5th semester sites kindly get their act together and organize the information they are giving out to their students so we can all be on the same page and have a fighting chance in surviving in the AUA program instead of having to worry about financial situations as added stress? So please any admin can you address this issue for myself as well as anyone else reading this or concerned with this?

Oh and just to let AUA admin know... I personally had get a job to finance myself in these troubling times just to survive!!! Yep people say it sucks to be a med student... I say it really sucks to be a med student at AUA in these loan times!!!!! Really BAD (though not saying its AUA's fault)!!!!!