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    does greenbook only affect residency or practice as well?


    I had a question about greenbook rotations. I read Sree's sig and didn't really find the answer.

    When we don't do all greenbook rotations does that ONLY affect where we can do residency at or does that affect where we can eventually practice at?

    I want to do residency in New York, but would like the option of practicing eventually at lets say Cali. Does that mean if I don't do all green, I can't practice in Cali/Delaware(delaware requires all green). I'm talking about post residency when we're actually board certified. Because if thats the case and New York doesn't require all green, I would save myself the hassle of trying to get all greenbook rotations.

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    more on licensing than residency. for cali and states that use cali list you need to goto a cali approved school and do all green otherwsie you wont practice there
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