So Texas is one of the only states that requires all greenbook right? I really dont know where I want to practice in the US..... whats the smartest way to schedule your rotation so that you have the MOST options when it comes to the states that you can practice in? I know that doing green book cores and electives would give you the most options, but whats the next best solution.. doing all your cores greenbook? This is the option that most students reach for right?

Are most rotations done in the hospital or outpatient?

are AOA rotations DO rotations?

Does doing a greenbook rotation or bluebook rotation determine wether your rotation takes place in a hospital setting or an outpatient setting?

Do we get hands on experience during rotations or is it more like 5th semester where we just sort of observe?

So if I decide that I want to do all my cores greenbook and Im more open to doing bluebook electives, how often would you think Id be moving around?

Haha, thats alot of questions... sorry. thanks for the replies