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    anyone with experiences in OBGYN, family rotations in miCHIGAN?


    hi guys,
    I know we can do surgery and IM at st. joeseph's oakland -pontiac, according to the website we have 2 other hospitals in michigan and according to acgme it offers the following green book residencies:

    North Oakland Medical Centers Program-obgyn, family
    Genesys Regional Medical Center Program- Family

    I also understand that just because these hospitals have the greenbook residencies does not necessarily mean that it offers core rotations to AUA students, so my question is does anyone or did anyone do obgyn and FP rotations in these locations, if so, (1)how was it like ? and (2) how easy is it to schedule a rotation there?
    Thank you

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    NOMC's Ob/Gyn program shut down last July, and St. Joe's bid for a combined MD/DO program was rejected as well. So St. Joe's is Green for IM, Surgery and Radiology only and DO for Ob/Gyn. Call whichever states you want to practice in and ask them if they're ok with you doing an osteopathic (AOA-accredied) rotation.

    NOMC still has Family and is really close to St. Joe's. Genesys is very far from these two hospitals, so there's no reason to go there.

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