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    doing electives in btween core rotations


    hi everyone,
    can I do elective rotations, for example in surgery, after completing a surgery and IM CORE rotation or do i need to finish all cores before starting on electives? I ask because I want to do some electives in programs that I want to match and would like to pick up some LOR's at those sites.

    Also WHEN DO core rotations at AUA begin. Is it in the beginning of the month, the first tuesday of every month, etc?
    How does it work?
    Thank you

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    you can do electives in between, but i dont recommend it because you won't know enough to impress your preceptors and get a good letter/good grades. you should work on making sur eyou hae a letter from IM and Surgery, those are good for anything you apply for. then worry about electives.

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