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    Looking for a Prime Place in Upscale Brooklyn Heights to enjoy during Clinicals?!?!


    First, a little about me:
    My name is Jeff Wilson, I enrolled in AUA in May of 2009 and I will be finished with clinical rotations in 1 week. I am starting an IM residency here in Brooklyn in July. I remember I had a hell of a time looking for decent living quarters when I started my IM core rotation at Interfaith in August 2011. I had to live in the Upper East Side of Manhattan for the first few weeks before I could find a place in gentrified Brooklyn. The 60+min commutes were terrible.

    I googled "nicest areas in Brooklyn" because I knew I didn't want to live in a dirty [Central Brooklyn] neighborhood riddled with drug activity, filth, and crime. The best neighborhoods in Brooklyn, according to NY Magazine, are:
    1) Brooklyn Heights
    2) DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)
    3) Williamsburg/Fort Greene
    4) Park Slope/Prospect Heights
    --Basically, the closer to the East River/Manhattan you are, the better, and the water/skyline view is 2 blocks from my place. I see the Brooklyn Bridge every day when I walk to the train.

    Here is what NY Magazine has to say about Brooklyn Heights:
    "Though it’s the most expensive neighborhood in the outer boroughs, Brooklyn Heights is arguably still a good deal. Commute times into the densest parts of Manhattan are faster than all but a few neighborhoods on the island itself. Throw in the newly expanded Brooklyn Bridge Park; perhaps the most beautiful homes in the city (the entire neighborhood is a historic district); and safe, clean, tree-lined streets, and it clearly has a lot to offer."

    The A/C trains (which you'd take to most of the hospitals) is a 3 minute walk from the front door. The 2/3 trains into Manhattan are a 45sec walk. If you want to take the 4/5/R into Manhattan, you can either walk through a beautiful section of tree-lined neighborhood about 5 blocks to the station, or you can just hop on the 2/3 and transfer at the next stop (Fulton St). If it isn't cold, I walk because I enjoy the cozy neighborhood much more, especially since the rest of NYC is loud and dirty.

    I did rotations at Interfaith and Wyckoff in Brooklyn and I used the trains exclusively. The ride to Wyckoff is about 30-35min, and the ride to Interfaith is about 15min.

    Shamefully, I live 2 blocks from the Brooklyn Hts Promenade, and I had never 'walked the walk' until a couple weeks ago. I have been back 4-5 times when the weather is warmer because the Manhattan skyline views are unparalleled.

    A little about you:
    Male or Female, I don't care.
    Be clean, use deodorant, be quiet, no pets.
    Again, don't be dirty haha.
    If you like to cook, please don't cook foods that stink up the place for hours on end.
    I don't want you to be a zombie, just be a decent, courteous human being.
    If you want to ask me questions about your upcoming rotations/attendings, I'll be more than happy to offer advice.

    A little about the place:
    3BR/2BA FURNISHED! apartment in 'The Fruit Bowl' = Cranberry St, Orange St, and Pineapple St. Many film scenes have been shot on these streets. No need to hassle with moving/buying mattresses and all that nonsense. Just bring your suitcases!
    You will have your own BR & full BA.
    The apartment is in a beautiful brownstone, on the TOP (5th) FLOOR. There will be no shortage of light. My apartment is a 'full-floor' unit--there are no neighbors on my floor.
    The appliances are all stainless steel, CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING (none of that noisy, inadequate window-unit **).
    Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer in the place (not in some dusty basement hellhole).
    Water & Electricity included in your rent.
    You can move in on/around AUGUST 1st, 2013. You can stay for a month, 3 months, 6 months, whatever, it's your choice.

    You may be wondering, "Why does this guy have a 3BR/2BA place?" I will be living with another AUA alum and IM resident, who also is my twin brother. He will have his BR but he'll share my bathroom. Rest assured, you'll have your own BA. If you need advice about your education or NYC in general, you have two people to ask!

    A little about the Rent:
    Because you won't find a nicer place anywhere (unless your parents are comfortable paying $3000-5000/mo) in Brooklyn, I'm asking for $1150/mo. If that is too pricey for you, make me an offer. Obviously, I can send you pictures of the neighborhood/apartment when you show interest. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Please include your e-mail in your inquiries to make it easier for me to send pics, etc. My e-mail is my valuemd username at gmail.com.


    Jeff Wilson
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