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    Best Deal For Transportation for AUA Students!


    *Contact information at bottom of advertise.

    Good evening students of American University of Antigua! My name is Quasi Gilbert. I run a taxi service contract for AUA and AICASA students. Let me assure you that I am the cheapest option for transportation on the island. Let me begin by going over why my taxi service is far superior to getting a car on the island or doing the AUA school transportation.

    1) A car on the island is very expensive. You can rent one at around $400 US dollars a month, and it gets higher from there. Add maintenance costs and gas, and it becomes a very expensive affair. It's also not wise to buy a car because of the odd chance of getting into an accident and other liabilities. You're going to Antigua to become a stellar doctor, and need to minimize any risks during your education.

    2) AUA school bus transportation seems to be another option that students like to consider. It costs students around 450-500 US dollars for the whole semester. However, the school buses come at very specific times throughout the day. If you are running late any day, the AUA bus transportation will not wait for you. This means that you'll have to either miss class or call a cab. I provide an air conditioned taxi service where I wait five minutes outside of your apartment and give you a call before leaving. Unlike the AUA school bus transportation which only gives rides from home to school and back, I also provide two roundtrip services per week to the supermarket, which can be substituted for roundtrips to a friend's apartment/home. All of this happens at times that YOU have decided on to meet your busy schedule, as long as the time is not beyond 9 o'clock at night. I also provide two late night roundtrips beyond 9 o'clock per month and provide immediate alternative transportation if I have a flat tire or any other emergency. I am the only taxi driver for AUA students that provides a written contract.

    3) Since I will be driving students, I take it as my responsibility to establish a good relationship with the students as well as their parents. As a father, I understand that sending a child to a medical school in another country can be frightening. If needed, I can be a source of information for many of the worries that this may encompass.

    So, now, let's get into the pricing, which comes in two flavors:

    1. Semestly Contract - The semester contract is a 5 month contract that costs 270.00 ECD per month ( approx 100 US per month). A one-time payment of 1350.00 ECD is required for all 5 months. There is no option to pay for this amount monthly. This is a really good offer. If you think about it, you spend 100 US per month on gas at home!
    2. Monthly Contract** - The monthly contract is a renewable contract that costs 300.00 ECD per month. A payment of 300.00 ECD is required at the beginning of every month.

    Services Offered:
    a) Rides from home/apartment to American University of Antigua and back.
    b) Two roundtrip services per week from home/apt to the supermarket. These services can be substituted for roundtrips to a friend’s apartment.
    c) Two late night roundtrip services per month from home/apt to clubs, library, etc.
    d) In the case of emergencies, such as a flat tire, Quasi Taxi Service will call the customer as soon as possible to let them know, and an alternate
    transportation will be provided.

    a) Cancellation: Cancellations must occur an hour before the appointment.
    b) Time Changes: The latest the customer may change the time for a service is an hour before the original appointment.
    c) Tardiness: Quasi Taxi Service will wait 5 minutes past the time agreed on and call the customer before leaving.
    d) There is no eating, drinking, or smoking on the taxi.
    e) The latest time for pickup is 9 o’clock at night (aside from the 2 late night round trips). If called after that time, contract holders receive a
    discounted taxi fare depending on distance (5 EC off regular taxi fare). There is no discount if the regular taxi fare is just 5EC to the destination.
    f) Unused services do not roll over/accumulate to the next week or month for the supermarket trips or the late night round trips, respectively.

    **If you are using the monthly contract, renewal of the monthly contract needs to occur in a timely fashion. The monthly fees are due every 30 days from the first day of service. There is a five day grace period before a late fee is charged. The late fee after the five day grace period is 25 EC per day. This does not apply to the semesterly contract since the semesterly contract is a one-time payment.

    Thank you for reading this. I have attached both my semesterly and monthly contracts. Good luck to you in your endeavors and thank you for considering Quasi Taxi Service.

    Quasi Gilbert
    QuasiTaxiService at yahoo
    BB Pin# 29042D03
    Phone - (268)788-2424 and (268)785-8476
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    BEAWRE QASI TAKES YOUR MONEY UPFRONT.... Besides picking you up for school during the big group rounds.... HE IS UNRESPONSIVE LEAVES YOU HANGING AND MAKES EXCUSES!!!!

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