Thanks for looking at this site. Desks on island are scarce and pretty expensive - you MUST have one here. 1. I have a 6x2 foot foldaway table desk, a lamp, and stand up fan. All in great conditions. All - $300 EC (you save $300EC bought new, if you find it on island) individual: desk $200EC ($75 USD) lamp $50EC ($20 USD) fan $75EC ($30 USD) chair $50EC ($20 USD) 2. Small normal size desk u save - $120 EC ($50 USD) I bought it for $230 EC/$85 USD 3. 2BD/2BR beautiful house for rent, generator, cable, internet included and a great landlady $1800/mo, 10mins walk along beach to North Campus, water/electric no more than $50US average. Don't miss out this opportunity. Please call, don't leave messages, Evening/night time - after 5pm 268-784-7073