Hello new AUSOM students,

A quick advice regarding housing here on St. Lucia, when you arrive have a hotel accommodation near Castries or Rodney Bay for 2-3 days to get a chance to look at the housing around the area. Be careful from offers online for housing, don't get dragged right away and get persuaded by pictures as one of my classmates was told that he will be living with other students yet it turned out he is to live with the owner of the house along with her mother, sons and family who complain about him leaving the lights on at night (when he's studying). Sometimes the school will have housing recommendations as well, that's how I got my house with my roommates, and sometimes you can walk around the streets of Rodney bay or castries and discover nice housing with good prices.
If you would like transportation from the airport our driver told me that he will be willing to go pick new students up when they arrive in May. If you are arriving into the international airport in the south he is going to charge 80 USD but this is a negotiable price and I'm working on that right now with him. I remember that when I first arrived noone was there to wait for me and that made me a bit uncomfortable with the island so I will try along with other MD1's to come along the driver to pick you up.
Also, our driver told me that he knows of a few properties on the island in Rodney Bay and Castries for rent that way when you first arrive you can go the very next day around these places and take a look around to save yourselves some time and possibly money from paying hotel accommodations.

A. Morsy (MD1)
aamorsy at live.com