Before I can to AUSOM, I had a lot of doubts to be honest and this is my third week in the school and on the island. I feel obligated to pass on my thoughts for those considering the school. Briefly, the school is great. I'm not advertizing or anything, people really do want to help on campus, everyone feels like a family member and the faculty are great. It's a fairly new school so there were a few tweeks here and there only technical (ie: wireless internet, rooms etc) but now we are having the entire building wired with internet starting this week and lecture rooms are set and everything is smooth and perfect. With every problem I faced I found a student at AUSOM or an admin or a faculty member out there for help. On my second day on the island, I went out searching for a place to live along with another student whom I met on here and who is now my roommate, after our own research the school handed to us a silver platter housing information that helped us find a place to move in on the same day. Lectures are always clinically related and there's no joking around, just like every other medical school out there. The support system is definitely out there and especially that the class size is small (my class only has 7 students). If you have more information feel free to PM or email me at aamorsy at /// HOUSING: we also have a spare room for rent if you are interested for the upcoming May semester or so.