I know that considerations about residency are early for many of you. Nonetheless, here was what I have encountered. Deadlines are real. 9/15 for application including LOR and Personal Statement; 10/1 for MPSE; all Step Scores. About half the programs will say that you don't Step 2 to be interviewed (i.e., you'll need it for ranking in February, but not to be interviewed). This statement is simply NOT true. Do not let anyone tell you that you don't need a complete packet until late October. In general, unless you have a complete packet of materials, you probably won't be interviewed. Probably because some programs will interview based on their ERAS packet; probably not, because programs are receiving between 600 to 900 applications for residencies in psychiatry (I don't know about the other residencies). The residencies are struggling to find ways to assess the applications because they don't have the time to assess 100s of applications. As a result, applicants are evaluated only after they have complete packets. Some residencies send out notifications that they will no longer accept new applications/interview invitations as early as early October (as in ,now). On a positive note, most programs do not discriminate against IMG. Most programs look for an "overall" picture. Step 1 scores are important to a handful of programs (in Psychiatry) but not to others. This is the last real obstacle to becoming a MD so getting into a residency program is as important as getting into medical school in the first place. Remember, these comments are only about Psychiatry and not necessarily to other specialities. AAMC has some very nice materials that give you sense of scores that needed for different grouping of medical students.