Rotations are quirky things. Fact: the medical school must purchase slots in every rotation where its students are placed. More students, more slots needed, more money is needed. That's the business model. AUSOM is a small school so its tuition doesn't have to be as much because it doesn't need to buy as many slots as do really big schools (e.g., Ross). When there aren't enough slots for any single school, then students will have to wait until there's an opening. It's not like matching for residencies, but there is a type of competition for rotation sites, especially core rotations. Fact: every school searches to get core rotation slots for its students. It helps reputation and so on. Fact: Big schools like Ross buy entire hospitals in part to provide rotation slots for its students.

If those are the facts, then schools tend to be discreet about revealing where its rotations sites are. There is "poaching" that occurs. It's funny and sad for these kinds of shenanigans to be going on. But mostly, civility is the key since graduates eventually will be physicians. And it really doesn't really matter when people make statements that don't seem believable. Let it be. It's all good.