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    Help needed...please...need info on pre med and med courses!


    hello everyone

    I am planning to study MD in Philippines and wondered if anyone please please answer a few questions. I have a B.Sc. in Environmental Science from India and M.Sc. in Environmental Technology from UK. Now I did a bit of home work and found that i will need to do a accelerated B S in either Biology or any related subjects. Now my questions are as follows:

    i) Which university offer accelerated B S courses?
    ii) Do you have to stay with the same university for MD or can you change the University after B S?
    iii) Admission requirements and fee structure?
    iv) Any recommended university?
    v) When do the course start June or September?
    vi) Is anyone planning to study in 2014 like me?
    vii) Should i look for an education consultant to make the process easier? My concern is they are usually biased as they get commission from the admission.
    viii) Any other factors an international student should consider before choosing the course?

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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