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    Hebei MBBS & MD (Masters) Medicine taught in English


    I saw today on the ***** Chinese Universities and College Admission System website that Hebei Medical University offers two English language medical degrees. The standard undergraduate MBBS (Clinical Medicine) and there's now a English (Yes English!) Masters Clinic Medicine (?MD) program. The Masters program is 7 years in total, and does not require a HSK as advised on the ***** site... but like everything in China, can't always take that at face value.
    Anyone know much about this Masters Clinic Medicine? It's 元30,000 (RMB) per year. I'm quite interested in the program myself.
    So if anyone has some first hand info that would be useful...

    When I asked an online ***** operator for more information on the University, they simply told me when HeBei was first founded 1894 (and not when the English Master Clinic Medicine degree started as I'd asked) also the operator advised they had 100 students enrolled in the English masters program (I doubt they're all foreign students if they really did have 100 students).

    Call me cynical, but I've lived in China too long to know the TIC-** that transpires here...

    But anyone with some real information...?

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