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    What is the real deal with Manipal?


    I am really confused about Manipal....I have family members who say Indian medical schools are the best in terms of training, especially much better than Caribbean medical schools. So I was seriously considering going to Manipal!

    But now after reading these forums, i am having serious doubts. There is a lot of negative stuff I have read about Manipal like the politics, favoritism by the teachers, and other things that go on there. People talking about traumatic experiences they have suffered there.

    So now i am leaning towards going to a Caribbean medical school!

    Can anyone help me or give me real information on Manipal?

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    well i have been brought up in india did my schooling uptill 1sy year BSc in mumbai. so i can tell you my experiences. first you have to accept the fact that india is a developing country and resources might not be as we find here in NA. so in terms of that students going there from here have to make a lot of adjustments. the study material is quite challenging and intensive no doubt in that for medical schools. but Bsc in NA is 100 times more hard than in india
    other factors like: climate is quite extreme can be too hot, harsh rains, so everything gets flooded, once in a while. food is great if you like indian food or south indian. and drinking water always boil the water.
    manipal is i guess well recognised over the world, but u need to do a compulsory 1 year internship and then give ur USMLES
    i have heard a lot of things like bribes going on in order to pass a test or examination, well this is quite common in many colleges in mumbai. I dont know abt manipal as it is a respected medical school, but dont be surprised if it happens. just take it easy!
    if you really decide to go for medical school at manipal, you need to accept the life over there...its just matter of time. best suggestion is go and visit the school and faculty, and then you can decide!!!

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