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    how many MD programs do Fatima have?


    As i was reading through valuemd.com, i saw this link Fatima-med.org which i m assumed as official website for Fatima University. I was shocked by the tution fees 20,000/year for first two years and 30G for last twos. Oh, my Goddness, is it truth? I saw some posting here about Fatima charing ranging 4G/yr to 9G/yr. Why so many programs or different fees? And is there anyone that enrolls in the 20,000 program? And if you do, please let me know what is the different between that program and the rest of PI medical schools. I m jz shocked about the tution fee. Thanks

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    It's so expensive because they know a lot of Fil-Ams/foreigners are going to attend. When you provide a service people will do anything to get, you can charge what you want. They are also not very selective (putting it lightly, from what I hear), so that could justify why they charge so much.

    Plus, living in the Philippines is real cheap (at least in comparison to living in America, I'm not sure where you are). You are still saving a lot of money if you compare tuition + living expensives to US schools.

    Of course, I'd rather take twice the amount of debt and not have to deal with being an IMG, but hey...

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