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    Foreing student & admission Indian medical school


    Heyy everyone,

    I have a few questions regarding admission to med schools in India.
    What grades are realistic to get admission to Indian medical schools for foreign students?

    I have read on different websites that the qualifying mark is aproximatly 55 % but I have also heard that there is a lot of competition.
    I recently finished my high school in The Netherlands. My average is 68%, but I am going to resit my exam in May to improve my grades.
    Therefore, I would like to have a guideline of how much I need to improve my grades to get admission (and if it is realistic or not)

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    Hey there,
    Nice to know that you are done with you schooling in Netherlands. I have done my schooling till 12th from USA and then came to India (Hyderabad) to do my MBBS here. You need to have Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Botany & Zoology on your school transcripts You should have more than 60% (Cause during my admission they said 60% for American Diploma). You need to bring your Diploma, 2 Original school transcripts (office sealed) . When you arrive here in India you should go to the director of he medical college and ask him for admission seats if available and then he will ask u give pay the money and then you should pay him first to reserve your seat and then you should go the University to which the medical college is affiliated to get the "Equivalnce Certificate" and then you should take that certificate to the Director/Principal and then your application processing is done and then you can join the classes the next working day.

    Contact me if you need more information.
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