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    Never Let the Five Reasons Stop You from Becoming a Doctor!


    Sometimes we all face dilemmas towards our goals. We all face hesitation towards our destination. Often we look for an easy way to come out of this. Let’s look at a closer inspection of the factors that prevent us from becoming a doctor.

    • I am not smart enough

    This is one of the dangerous dilemmas we usually face when we are lack of confidence. The truth is that one person becomes smart enough when he/ she puts the maximum effect towards his /her goal. Effort and persistence is the key to all of our success. So, give your dedication and maximum effort towards your goal A little more persistence and a little more effort can convert the hopeless failure to glorious success.

    • My Scores are not good enough

    Scores are something that is needed to get admitted into a medical school. But scoring not well in MCAT doesn’t mean that he/ she is a disqualified candidate or unable to peruse the medical journey. Study Medical demands passion, persistence, dedication, and effort. MCAT is not the only standardize way to determine one applicant’s brilliance and capability. Often, it is noticed that numerous students who impressed the university/ medical school in many ways are way beyond their MCAT and GPA.

    • Affording a Medical School is beyond our Reach

    Undoubtedly, medical school is a big investment and not every student can afford it. But some medical universities are also there who makes the cost-effective way for their students so that aspirants can peruse their medical study. Medical School likes Washington University of Barbados that have been continuing learning their medical students within an affordable budget.
    Apart from that, there are lots of ways to find a scholarship program for a medical drama. A little more effort and awareness can help them out to reach the goal.

    • It needs a lot of hard work even after being a doctor

    Undoubtedly, it is true; but it bestows a lot of satisfaction too. Being a doctor doesn’t need only need effort; it demands passion too. This is the most requisite thing for being a doctor. When there is passion, everything seems easy.

    • It’s too late to continue medical study for me

    The average age of entering a medical school is 18-24, but in reality; there is no age to be a learner. It is highly advised not to think about the age –criteria if you are a medical aspirant. Aspiration denotes a lot towards goal; not age or age- barrier.

    So, work hard towards your dream. It is truly a dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work; yet let make one day for telling yourself “ I made it!’’

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    Thank you. Interesting

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