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11-20-2003, 03:53 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have just found out that my wife is pregnant. The due date is July. We were planning on moving to St. Maarten and I was to start classes at AUC in May. We already have two little ones.

Is it wise or safe to plan on giving birth on St. Maarten? I really want to go to medical school but I am absolutely not interested in taking any risks when it comes to my wife and kids.

Do any insurances cover this cost?

What about vaccines for children. Are they as safe / as good as the ones you get from the US? Are the medical supplies (vaccines, drugs...) mostly manufactured in the US?

Is the blood bank on St. Maarten safe? Do they screen the blood for HIV, etc... as they do in the US?

Lots of questions, but basically we want to know how much of a risk it is to (a) have a baby on the island and (b) have our children routinely followed and vaccinated by pediatricians on the island as they are currently getting here.

We are ecstatic about the pregnancy but conflicted about what we should do.

Thanks a million!!!

WantMD :-)

06-23-2004, 01:54 AM
Nothing ever came of this post, I wonder what the answers to the questions were and how it went!

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