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01-02-2006, 02:21 PM
i am 26 and have had crohns for 17 years. 1 year ago i had my rectum and 6 inches of my large intestine removed due to multiple abceses and narowing throughout that area. i had a ilieostomy and have been reconected no for a year. i am haveing 10 bowel movments on a good day. i dont have many good days. usually its like 20 to 30. food and alcohol seem to play a part but no matter how i eat or drink i still have alot of bad days. i also have an anal stricture. im takeing imuran and was taking prednisone for 16 years up untill a year ago and it was stopped. is this amount of bowel movments normal????

01-02-2006, 08:32 PM
Is your question if the amount of bowel movemnets you are having is normal due to the removal of your distal colon and rectum, or to your crohn's. I imagine it is the former, seeing that you've had ibd since you were nine, and would be used to the frequency of your bm's due to your illness. you also mentioned in ilieostomy, did you perhaps mean a colostomy?
With a large part of your colon removed, you would most likely have ancrease in bowel mov.'s. How many times a day did you go when you had your bag, did u find yourself emptying it 10-20 times a day, or have you noticed a substantle increase?
for now i would stay away from high fiber, and stick to more starchy, carb based foodstuffs.
i imagine all those bm's cant feel to good with a perianal stricture.
it least your not on that prednisone anymore!
good luck to you.

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