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11-02-2003, 10:41 PM
Here was my correspondence with IUHS Admissions before figuring out that IUHS is a scam, or at least a dubious medical school. I hope that these postings help make others prospective students think before chunking any change down. Feel free to contact me on AIM with my forum name.

E-Mail 1:

Iíve read some rather disconcerting things online lately. There are people out there that claim that IUHS is only a single house on the island. They claim that the library is only ď2 shelvesĒ. I find both of these hard to believe. These same people also claim that Kentucky is the only state in which IUHS grads can get licensure. This is know to be false, since Iíve checked into it and I know that IUHS grads can get licensure everywhere in the United States. I canít check into the other two claims. Iíve also read that the faculty consists of two professors that have very limited teaching abilities and several visiting physicians. I also find these claims to be hard to believe. IUHS has obviously met the WHO standards for being a listed medical school. Also, IUHS has met the standards of ECFMG. I also believe what the IUHS administration has posted in response to these accusations. Namely, that the people making them are representatives of other schools trying to scare people away from IUHS.

I need some reassurance that the school that Iíve chosen to attend for four years is what I believe it to be. Iíve talked with you twice in the past about getting pictures of the facilities, as there are none listed online. Please quickly forward these to me. I want to see what the facilities look like. I also would like to know where current grads are in practice/residencies. Please also forward this email to the president of the student association. I would like to speak with him or her about his or her experiences with IUHS. I want to hear that IUHS is a good school; the school that I believe it is. I do plan on visiting campus this summer, to begin getting the process of my relocation going. Let me know if you can be of any help with planning my visit.

Response to E-mail 1:
The visit is always the best suggestionÖÖ.so that is what I suggest.
Whatever you discover is the case, I will be happy to let you know that the last student who was a ďcampusĒ student from day one, just sat the USMLE(1) and she was a regular BSc student from CanadaÖÖ.her scoreÖ84%!!!
April McDonald
Admissions Officer
Students A-M

E-mail 2:
Thanks for the update. I also understand that one of your on-campus classes in 2002 had all six members pass with an average score of 88. I do truly believe that Iíll do well on the USMLE, but Iím concerned about licensure. I know that Indiana is no longer licensing graduates of IUHS. (http://www.in.gov/hpb/boards/mlbi/instinfo.html) Iím just wondering why that is! If the grads do well on the USMLE, as they are, why are they not licensing them? Iím still doing some looking around, and Iíll get back to you with what I find. Also, youíll be interested to know that Ohio State University College of Medicine is also using eLP for some of their Basic Sciences now too! Iíve read several pieces of Dr. Neameís works, and thus far Iím impressed. I know that IUHS has a good philosophy.
Iím obviously concerned as to what is going on that is making Indiana anxious, and also making these websites devote so much time to bashing IUHS. None of the other Caribbean schools are getting this kind of negative image posted so much.
If you could answer several questions for me:
1. Who are the on-campus faculty?
2. What are the on-campus facilities like?
3. What is the status of the campus expansion project that was discussed with the St. Kitts government last year?
4. How often are lectures held?
5. How many students are in the on-campus program?
6. Where are current Clinical Science students in rotations?
7. Where are current grads in residencies/practice?
Thanks, and please do forward some pictures for me.

Response to E-mail 2:
I do understand your various concerns and over the last two years have tried to keep you informed and reassured.
There comes a point in time when the decision making has to have a reasonable level of confidence. I believe you may always have doubts and should you run into a ďroughĒ spot during your medical studies, you would have a difficult time maintaining support for your own past decisions. Medical school is a long, rough road and requires unwavering dedication to both your studies, professors and the institution as a whole.
I would therefore recommend that you apply to a local medical school which hopefully will offer you the reassurance and past history that you are seeking.

April McDonald
Admissions Officer
Students A-M

The admissions department basically blew me off when I called them out. I had already been admitted, and was actually planning on going to IUHS. I began asking questions when my repeated requests for pictures of campus went unanswered, or were answered with USMLE pass rates.

When an admissions department will not answer straightforward, relevant questions, I become concerned.

Also, I encourage any prospective students to go online, to Google, Yahoo! whatever. Search for IUHS and International University of the Health Sciences. See how many people you can find that are in residency or practice. NONE. Then type in any other reputable medical school and see the difference. That simple test was what made me withdraw my admittance.

Bottom Line:
Do your research before you get burned. Ask the questions to the admissions department directly, or to one of the professors. The most important thing is to do a site visit. Go with your gut. Going $200,000 into debt and then finding out you can't get licensed is the wrong way to become a doctor.

Hope this helps,


11-03-2003, 03:07 AM
sounds to me like you saved $200,000. I have done some research on these schools and found the 'internet correspondence schools' lacking

az skeptic

11-04-2003, 05:39 AM
do not doubt that man. I eman i am one of their ex students man and it is a scam i tell you. A house and that is it and one or two teachers that teach a whole curiculum and they have no problems with lying abot their usmle scores..... DO NOT TRUST THEM OR GO THERE IF YOU WANT A GOOD EDUCATION AND A LICENSE IN THE USA> IF you hva extra money tehn for 49 99 i can sent you a degree from universal university of health sciences :arrow: :lol: so i am telling you dont do it casue then you will be sorry

11-04-2003, 05:41 AM

11-04-2003, 05:50 PM
If you folk have been following the posts on Guide To Foreign Medical Schools from about August 2002 and on Forign MD 54 you would see that the ins and outs and all the deficiencies of this bogus school was well documented. It boggles the mind that anyone still goes there.

I know of several persons who shied away from this place because of the revelations in these posts. But there will be always some who will not listen or heed.

11-13-2003, 12:52 PM
First off I know verr little about this school. However, many are complaining about the size, and the fact that they have not been around long. One thing you need to remember is that everything usually starts small, and seems inadequate. Ross University which no one would consider to be a scam started out in a motel called the Castaway on Dominica. I just read this from Dr. Ross's bio. today. Keep in mind that Apple Computers was started in a persons garage.

I am not taking up for the school, but you may have to give it a chance. It seems they started out right by getting the correct listings, and approvals. Ross didn't exactly explode onto the scene as being reputable did they?

Just a thought.

11-13-2003, 01:00 PM
anyone who goes to these type of schools with full knowledge of their deficiencies are indeed informed consumers. Some people drink in skidrow bars also.....differences is what makes life an adventure.

11-13-2003, 02:46 PM

I agree, and I read your article. I found it very informative. However, St. James, and IUHS are very new, and before you can completely judge them they should be given a chance. They may very well be legit, and making a real effort to become a respected alternative to the establishment. If they are crooks then I am sure it will be known soon enough. I like their approach to the pre-clinicals, and I like the fact that you can complete most of them on the internet. I have taken many courses online and found that you can learn most any subject on the computer. I have had electronic courses with labs on the computer that I would have never thought could have been done, but they worked out great.



11-13-2003, 05:32 PM
unfortunately IUHS is one of the bad actors......they have been in business for a while but aren't turning out people who can get licensed. Same with UHSA...if you do 'online' studies you'll play hell getting licensed in most states..why waste your money when you can pay the same money and go to a normal medical school such as SGU or AUC or Ross and not have the stigma of a 'skidrow' school....easier to drink wine with the folks in first class I think....you need to go to medical school,not attend via the internet to be a doctor

11-13-2003, 10:52 PM
I agree with most of the points that you both are making. The problem that azsceptic brings up is that most places in the world require physical residency at the medical school, or an approved site in order for the studies to count towards medical school. IUHS's electronic learning program does not fulfill that obligation. Computer and distance education is good, most of the time. The problem here is that the laws and licensing requirements are such that no IUHS grads can get licensed in the USA. Sure, you can sit for the USMLE, but what good does it do you if you can't then be licensed? I really urge any prospective students to contact their state medical board and ask them about IUHS. The responses that I got were really negative. Also, having talked to independent medical advisors, they advised me to avoid IUHS like the plague. I've even gone so far as to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, Postmaster General, Canadian government, Manitoban government, and the British government since they duped me out of my $75 application fee.

11-15-2003, 03:38 PM
Sonny I applaud you for filling complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, Postmaster General, Canadian government, Manitoban government, and the British government against IUHS.

But thank God that you were smart enough to only allow them to dupe you out of your $75 application fee. Others have lost MUCH MUCH MORE.

I agree with you about Azskeptic too. He is spot on, and has these internet school's balls in a vice. I love it!

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