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09-06-2003, 12:04 PM
Dear Parents of Ross Students and Students-to-be,
I am a Ross mom who has been challenged, like you, to support a child who has entered or is thinking of entering Ross University School of Medicine. I invite you to read and post your questions and wonderments on this site as a parent. Hopefully ValueMD and the Parents' Site can be a source of information and emotional support for you. Being a Ross parent has been an adventure for me, since my "child", like all Ross students, is an adult, making adult decisions, but looking to me for psychological, emotional, and financial support.
Sending my child to a foreign country and investing in her education has not been taken lightly. I am a critical care RN working in the health care arena for 30 years. I have experienced the best and the worst physicians. I work with from 3 to 5 Ross graduates serving as residents each year. In comparison with other schools, I would have to say that Ross grads are exceptionally competent physicians. They are able to actually listen to nurses,think on their feet during emergencies, problem solve, accurately diagnose, and have shown both passion and compassion for their profession. When my daughter joined me on staff for 2 years in the same ICU, she too recognized the trend. When she announced that she wanted to go to Ross, believe me, I was not at all disappointed.
If you are a parent faced with the challenge of supporting your child in the selection of which med schools to apply, do your homework. Many of the foreign and Caribbean schools have stigmas, and it is your child's job to investigate what each school has to offer, as well as their track record.
If you're a parent of child who has all ready been accepted to Ross, but has not yet taken off for Dominica, I am able to give some first-hand advise about what to expect and the necessary preparation.
If you're a parent of a child who is all ready living and studying with Ross University, I may be able to offer you emotional support and/or answer questions.

Best of luck to all of you and yours.

Sincerely, Dru (a Ross mom)

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