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11-09-2005, 11:35 AM
This issue has resurfaced again recently, but is against our terms of service because of it's personal nature. I've just addressed the Moderators regarding this as follows. (Future postings about this will receive warnings.)

Actually, this topic is off limits as per previous problems it's caused. The issue (where the Chairman of the Board went to school, if ever licensed, what field, etc) was determined to be personal and not school related. I know that some users have tried to use the excuse of "it's relevant because the Chairman is a public figure", or "if he's lying about being an M.D., how can you trust anything else about the school", but it's easy to see that they are meant to be personal attacks. The Chairman of the Board of a private corporation is NOT a public figure and what he did personally prior to taking that position (assuming unrelated to his position), is not typically up for debate here, especially in the manner in which it's been done.

But if the users are so concerned about the issue of whether or not someone is permitted to use the title of "Dr" if not allegedly licensed, this can be done in a general format (rather than personally directed at someone in particular) in the Relaxing Lounge, State Medical Licensing forum, etc.....not in a Medical School forum because it doesn't have anything to do with the school.

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