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03-15-2003, 02:03 PM
Sydney Renting Details [email protected]
by Dan (Login dcorkery)


Expect to pay between $150.00 AUD to $250.00 (75 USD to $125 USD) per week (depending on whether or not you share) for living in Sydney. Add on power, phone, water etc as well. Another option you might want to consider is the purchase of a GSM mobile phone - most people have one and will assume you do too. Luckily they're dirt cheap.

This is assuming that you live in Glebe, a part of Sydney next to the university, and walking distance to the Uni and the RPAH hospital (where you might be having a clinical placement). If you're doing your clinical placement somewhere else it is essential to live close to a train station so you can commute.
Glebe is about 10 minutes away from Central (all trains run through it), and is a good solution as you can walk to Uni and then walk to central to catch a train or bus to your clinical placement. It is possilbe to live without a car.

Other close/cheap suburbs to look for:

Camperdown (next to the University)
Newton (funky, fun, 5 minutes from U.Syd)
Balmain (near the harbour)
Petersham (Spanish district)

Check out www.domain.com.au, www.raywhite.com.au for prices. To view where in relation to the university the suburbs are, check out www.whereis.com.au and type in the address or suburb name. All of those listed above are within about 15 minutes walk or train ride from the University. Public transport is available, but trains and buses have irregular hours so it is best to live within walking distance of the uni. Glebe is the place to be - lots of cafe's, old terrace houses (a must to live in - they're over 100 years old), and a student-budget friendly atmostphere.

The University of Sydney also offers a housing placement service - they can help you find an place to live once you arrive. Google it to find the address.

Remember that an AUD only equals 0.56 USD so exchange rate is definitely in your favour.

Cheers, Dan Corkery
Graduate Medicine in Australia http://www20.brinkster.com/dcorkery/

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