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09-29-2005, 03:37 PM
I just took my exam yesterday and today.
Overall the second day is much better. During the first day I had MCQ cases: 7 blocks. The questions were tough, each block I had at least 10-12 Qs that I was not completely sure about. Each block 48 Qs. During the second day - 4 blocks, each 36 Qs. I felt better. CCS cases were VERY straight forward. In 8 from 9 cases I got messages that patients improved and I new the dx from the beginning. One case was pretty tough and the patient didn't improve :( I'm not sure if I did everything right. I did enjoy CCS, the time run much quicker than with this damn MCQs.
I'm 2st year IM resident, didn't have time to study too much. Did Kaplan q-bank (average 67), Crush, and USMLE CD. Didn't practice CCS more than CD provided by USMLE (didn't do any UW).
I just pray that I'll pass...

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